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FAQ  –  Russell’s  Rubbish  Removal

What is Russell’s Rubbish Removal?

Russell’s Rubbish Removal is a junk removal & recycling service designed to help people dispose of, or recycle any unwanted items which cannot be taken by their local weekly garbage removal service.

What materials are acceptable?

I can remove most junk such as old furniture, appliances, wood, yard waste, drywall, home renovation materials, garage and office cleanup items, etc. With the exception of some hazardous wastes (asbestos, chemicals), most items you have will be acceptable. If I can’t remove your junk, I will know the easiest, most cost-effective and enviro-friendly way to dispose of those items.

Do you recycle?

I can recycle any and all forms of rubbish and junk materials suitable for recycling, as well as unwanted, but still usable items. Some unwanted items in good condition may be donated to charity to be enjoyed by less fortunate persons.

How do you charge?

When I arrive I will quote your free estimate. Providing, of course, you are comfortable with the cost, I’ll take the junk right away. Upon completion of the removal and necessary cleanup, you will be given a written receipt and promotional pen. Transfer stations charge by the weight, and transportation costs are based on volume. Therefore, your cost will be determined by the weight of your items and the volume or area it occupies.

Do you load or do I load?

All loading of junk, rubbish, and garbage for removal or recycling is strategically performed by myself and my staff to ensure maximum efficiency.

What areas of the lower mainland do you cover?

I service many areas of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley including White Rock, South Surrey, Surrey, Guildford, Fleetwood, Cloverdale, Langley, and Newton.

Can I dispose of rubbish myself?

Absolutely! Your location and the items you have will determine where you can bring your rubbish, junk, or garbage for disposal or recycling. I will be more than happy to explain to you the most enviro-friendly and cost-effective way of disposing your materials.

How do I contact you for a quote or to schedule a pickup?

In one of three ways. Use the Online Removal Request Form, by E-Mail, or by Phone: 1 (604) 787-7355.

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