Office Junk Removal

We remove rubbish you no longer need at a fair price with no hidden fees

We remove office junk in Surrey, Langely and White Rock BC

We can help get rid of junk you no longer need if you’re moving or if you’re cleaning out the office. The liabilities of doing on office rubbish removal job is too much to risk with your staff. Leave it to the professionals to get it done and leave your mind at ease.
Frequently requested items for removal:
  • Electronic waste​
  • Old equipment
  • Office trash​
  • Desks & chairs​
  • Computers​
  • Printers​
  • Monitors​
  • Filling cabinets​
  • Paper​
  • Blinders​

If there is a specific item you aren’t sure we can remove please feel free to call, text or email your question and we will have your answer.

Why pick Russell's Rubbish removal for removing office junk

Licensed + Trained

Our employees are trained to deal with heavy debris and hazardous materials

On time

Your renovation project can’t slop and being on time is very important. We will remove your office rubbish on time and deal with dump fees.

Environmentally friendly

We’re trained to dispose of all your unwanted junk in a safe manner so that we don’t hurt our environment anymore than it already is .

Our office junk removal rates

Starting at:


$60 minimum value charge for office rubbish removal. The lowest minimum charge than any of my competitiors.